Testimonial Star Rating - 820113
by Robin Ranson - 10/12/2018
I been renting from clear water for 3 years now. I really love the staff it feels like we are a family. They watched our lives expand and fall...but at the end of the day their a great rental property to go through!!! I have nothing but great things to say. We do plan on contine renting from cree for a long time. My advice is don't listen to what ppl say, everyone has their own experience... but do rent from them because it's the best choice!!!!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 736318
by Michelle Woods - 8/8/2018
I have to offer a review because there are so many negative reviews here. Our experience for the last 4+ years has been almost completely positive. Every time I've submitted a maintenance request they've fixed the problem very quickly, (often on the same day). And they've at times even gone out of their way to help us in certain situations. I can't speak to what it's like to rent as a college student, but we personally have felt like they've been very reasonable and helpful to work with.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 731223
by Monica Perez - 7/20/2018
Cwree is an excellent company. They have been wonderful to work with. We have been tenants for about 2 1/2 years now and only plan to leave when we buy a home.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 478398
by S&S Prime Painting and Washing LLC - 9/13/2017
Great company and easy to talk too team at Clearwater Real Estate Enterprise. Looking forward to becoming CWREE's go to painting and washing company
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Testimonial Star Rating - 478408
by Jim Kramer - 12/13/2015
VERY friendly, VERY responsive, VERY flexible.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 478407
by Justin Zollar - 12/13/2014
Their customer service is pretty excellent. They replaced our laundry dryer (granted, after several complaints) and completely worked with out crazy roommate situation. I'd recommend them.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 478402
by Angela B - 12/13/2013
We have been renting from Clear Water for the past two school years. They have been absolutely excellent to us. We called several times for minor maintenance issues, and they always responded promptly. If you pay your rent on time, care for the place you are renting, leave the place the way you received it (without a year's worth of cobwebs) and understand that you agree at the lease signing to pay for professional carpet cleaning, you will enjoy your experience with them. They have an A+ rating from the BBB, which ought to weigh more heavily on your decision than the reviews of some disgruntled tenants. (FYI - I do not work for them, and we never even met them before looking at the house we rented.)
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